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The Primelink Management Portal is a platform designed for property management ON THE GO.


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A cloud-based platform that enables you to work anytime, anywhere.


Reduce your organization's carbon footprint by going digital.


Get management, rent, and property reports with a click of a button.


Our data engine crunches your data and generates useful insights.


PropTech 3.0?

PropTech is about information, transactions and management. PropTech 2.0 has been building such mass and momentum that it will change the world. But real estate is a slow moving asset class, and the real estate industry is highly conservative. How will this play out? Will you be part of the revolution or get left behind?

4th Industrial Revolution

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“Our aim for developing this platform is to create new, valuable and satisfying experiences for property managers and tenants.”

Roland, CTO Primelink Private Ventures Ltd.